Total Horizons’ is driven to provide quality products that are flexible or easy to use alone and with one another, that offer a premium level of protection, and comfort so comfortable you will almost forget you even have them on.


Above that, we are striving to create and inspire a community that seeks to improve and help one another on our individual journey with photography. We want to create a company that stretches far beyond just providing you with superior products, but rather, collectively create some bad-ass solutions.


We aim to follow in the footsteps of companies that inspire us like Patagonia & Kickstarter, both of which are Public Benefit Corporations (PBC). Unlike a normal for profit company whose primary objective is to maximize profits at any cost, a PBC company is a combination between a non-profit and a normal for profit company. A PBC company’s objective is more mission or values driven whilst maintaining profitability. Finding that sweet spot without compromising the other. They are obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society, and how they can have a positive impact.


Total Horizons’ mission is to make an influential impact on the industry and the market, not just for the good of the company but for all.

We strive to encourage people to get out there and Explore, not just new places but ideas and concepts as well. We challenge people to get out there and Create their best work and generate creative ideas. To Make A Difference, with charitable contributions, such as donating to The Freedom Model, which focuses on an effective permanent solution to end addiction. In time, we will expand our commitment to other areas such as mental health, depression, poverty, criminal justice, and the Environment. We intend on being the change we want to see in the world. Explore Create And Make A Difference.

We are eager to co-create with our community. Our goal is to surpass our customer's expectations guided by their input. Collectively, we will create some badass ideas.