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We at TotalHorizons, in collaboration with YOU and the fantastic team over at the Freedom Model, plan to create Photo4Change. It is only with your help and collaboration, that we can make a difference and provide visible change. We are still working out all the details, but we wanted to share what we envisioned. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Our mission is to provide some much needed positive change in the world. Our current focus is helping The Freedom Model provide an effective permanent solution to end addiction. In time we hope to grow this concept and expand our commitment to other areas such as mental health and depression, poverty, criminal justice, and the environment. Above all that, we inspire people to strive to become the best version of themselves.

What we intend to do:

Photo4Change intends to make a difference in the lives of the people affected by such addictions through information & collaboration.

We intend to collaborate with a select few photographers that agree to donate a few of their selected photos. We will in turn sell them online and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Freedom Model team. We also will be helping the community of photographers who support or mission. By promoting and showcasing the photographs, a brief bio about the photographer and ways to find out more about them.

We are looking into having the ability to create a virtual gallery. This will provide the space to tell the backstory or any relevant information they would like to share about each of the images they have donated. As well as a more detailed bio and the artists preferred links and social media. Helping spread more awareness about the struggles, challenges, and individual stories people that have these problems go through.

A little background information about The Freedom Model. They aim at helping those that are having problems coping with addiction. They open your eyes to the truth that the conventional view of addiction is patently false and addiction is really just another word for habits based on learned preferences.

Addiction is a cultural construct based on a host of myths, junk-science, misinformation, fear, lies, and shaming. All of this is harmful to any individual’s belief that they have the ability to change their habits for the better.

The Freedom Model rejects these myths, damaging rhetoric, and tactics meant to coerce and create forced abstinence in the user. They help each person bring their innate power of choice back front and center by challenging all of the pillars of addiction myths our society has constructed.

Where were currently at:

We are currently looking at different sites that we could use as a platform or storefront to host and sell the photos. And for 3rd party services that we could avail to assist with the production, fulfillment, inventory, and licensing of these photos. We are also brainstorming ideas on how to best market this concept to potential backers that will buy the photos.

If there’s anything that you would like to inform us about that could help us move closer with getting the project to reality or if you simply would like to contribute to the Freedom Model, please feel free to message us!

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