Let's Make A Difference,
One Photo At A Time


Making A Positive Difference

Photo4Change is a collaboration of photographers willing to make a real difference. With every photo donated, 100% of the proceeds will be use to help people struggling with substance abuse. 


The goal is to provide an effective permanent solution to end addiction. In time, we hope to grow this concept and expand our commitment to other areas such as mental health like depression, poverty, criminal justice, and the environment.

Above all that, we hope to inspire people to strive to become the best versions of themselves!

Donated Photos

We handpick donated photos from different photographers that supports our cause.

Every Sale for the Cause

Every photos sold, 100% of the proceed will be donated to the Freedom Model.

We Collaborate with You

Also, we'll promote and showcase the community of photographers who supports our mission.


The Freedom Model

They aim at helping those that are having problems coping with addiction. They open your eyes to an alternative approach aimed to end the seemingly endless treatment circles some people suffer with. They unearth a path out of those institutions and provide a much more empowered state of mind.


Almost 21 million Americans have
at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive help.

Join the Movement

It is only with your help and collaboration, that we can make a difference
and provide visible change.

About Photo4Change

We believe Photography can be a force for good. Through our commitment to find and support organizations that are helping provide meaningful change in people's lives.

We will do this by collaborating with our community of talented photographers and with kind hearted people who want to make a difference with meaningful artwork. Images that create more than a visual experience but an opportunity to have conversations that breed positivity.

Above all that, we hope to inspire people to strive to become the best versions of themselves! Together we can create positive change that will make a difference. We hope you lend your support and join us on our mission.

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