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121 Elite Backpack

As the series’ foundation, the 121 Elite backpack guarantees all-day comfort, ensures quick and easy access to all 53L of storage space, and is built to hold all of the smaller 121 Series bags—allowing complete customization for your needs.

All-Weather Resistant

Our Backpack offers an elite level of protection through a high-density Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) in all key areas front, back, & bottom.  Providing ample protection while also providing: Waterproof zippers, water and slice resistant fabric, stowable rain cover, and the perfect amount of strap padding.

53L Storage Capacity

Expandable up to 53L storage capacity. With all this extra space, we're certain the backpack will be your new favorite travel bag. Gone are the days of worrying about not being able to bring enough gear or personal items with you.

Quick and Easy Access

Our backpack comes with easy access so that you can get to your gear as fast as you can which makes all the difference! You’ll never have to worry about missing that elusive shot because your camera gear is safely packed inside your backpack.

All Day Comfort Guaranteed

Pushing the boundaries of comfort, we’ve added extra layers of padding almost everywhere -- you won't have to worry about your shoulders and back aching from using the bag for long hours. The backpack is extremely comfortable; you might even forget you’re wearing it.

Versatile Carry Options

Carry the backpack the way you want it! It has grab handles on all sides! The backpack is ideal for any kind of use, whether as a backpack or as a duffel bag!

121 Essential Sling

Designed to fit perfectly inside the top compartment of the 121 Elite, allowing you to leave your travel bag in your hotel. Carry just the Essentials, keeping you light and nimble when hiking.

Just the Essentials

The Essential Sling is ideal for people who prefer to carry light when on the move! Offering enough room for one large, DSLR camera lens, or customizable to fit three lenses, and storage space available for smaller items such as batteries, cards, and cords!

Maximum Protection

Complete with High-density EVA foam on the bottom and the front, waterproof zippers, water and slice resistant fabric, storable rain cover, alongside two water bottle pockets, and optional external water bladder storage pocket available.

121 Camera Cube

As an alternative to the Core, the 121 Camera Cube also offers exceptional protection and quick side access, but is lighter in weight and has two options for tripod mounts.

Quick and Easy Access

The 121 Camera Cube features quick & easy top camera access, allowing you to effortlessly and swiftly get to your camera so that you will never miss your shot.

Just the Right Amount of Gear

With space for any kind of camera—from a larger DSLR to a Drone, and iPhone with an added lens and other accessories. The 121 Camera Cube safely stores your accessories and is the perfect companion for those travelling light. 

121 Camera Core

To sit inside the Elite is our 121 Core, which offers our highest level of protection, ease of use, and Slide and Divide System—so you no longer have to fight Velcro!

Shock Shield Protection

Which is a High Density EVA that completely surrounds the bag, with a soft foam inside and natural air bladder dividers. And our Weather Shield System designed to keep moisture out with waterproof zippers, this bag is the ultimate in camera protection.

Unique Divider System

Our 121 Core comes with a one of a kind divider system that can be instantly removed all at once and replaced just as quickly, making it fully customizable for any situation.

121 Tech Kit

As the smallest bag in the series, the 121 Tech Kit is the perfect place to hold all your accessories — from phone to camera cards to cords. Just like the rest of the series, this bag is designed to work with the others, so will easily attach to the 121 Elite, Core, or Essential Sling; giving you even more space on the go.

121 Filter Bag

The 121 Filter bag is a small accessory bag that is specifically designed to be used to carry camera filter lenses. Created with extra foam in between the pouches, to prevent scratching from the filters.

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