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The Most Practical Modular Camera Bags We've All Wanted


Total Horizons has the world’s most modular bags complete with effective customization, ample storage, ultimate gear protection, modest styling, ease of use, and ergonomic comfort! Made for photographers, by a photographer!

121 Elite Backpack

This is a big ass bag. Gone are the days of worrying about having enough storage for travel, hiking, or backpacking when multiple days of gear is necessary. Built to hold some of the smaller 121 series bags while traveling, then when you get to your destination, take what you need and roam free.

However, the real genius is how light it feels with the ergonomic designed back and shoulder support to protect your body while carrying heavy gear on long hikes. It has high density, thick EVA multi-layered protection foam, adjustable and removable sternum straps, and breathable backside air channels.

Need Weather Protection?

Bags come equipped with waterproof zippers, military grade ballistic nylon, and stowable rain covers for larger bags. In addition, the 121 Core withstands wet and humid temperatures with its Weather Shield System, designed to keep moisture out.

Ample Space.

With the 121 Elite Backpack, you get 53L of storage with expandable personal space, that’s huge compared to the average large backpacks with 30-40L. The 121 Camera Core and Cube also provide plenty of storage with its modular design.

Quick and Easy Access.

Our backpack comes with easy access so that you can get to your gear as fast as you can which makes all the difference! You’ll never have to worry about missing that elusive shot because your camera gear is safely packed inside your backpack.

Ergonomic Design.

Wondering Why Your Shoulders & Back Ache? We’ve got you. We’ve engineered our 121 Elite Backpack, designed to carry heavy items, to support and protect your body during long hours of trekking.

Versatility Is The Name Of The Game.

Interior/Exterior modularity for your wide array of gear. We’re made to change structure to suit your purpose.

121 Essential Sling

The Essential Sling is a compact, city-friendly or sightseeing option. It perfectly fits inside the top compartment of the large 121 Elite Backpack, allowing you to grab and go. Or attach a smaller pouch such as the Tech Kit or Lens Filter Case to the Sling.

Stylish and functional for both men and women, the sling design is easy to swiftly maneuver around the body for quick access, and can store essential gear for your camera such as cards, cords, batteries, and small personal items.

Just the Essentials.

The Essential Sling is ideal for people who prefer to carry light when on the move! Offering enough room for one large, DSLR camera lens, or customizable to fit three lenses, and storage space available for smaller items such as batteries, cards, and cords!

Maximum Protection.

Complete with High-density EVA foam on the bottom and the front, waterproof zippers, water and slice resistant fabric, storable rain cover, alongside two water bottle pockets, and optional external water bladder storage pocket available.

121 Camera Cube

A one-size-fits-all bag for traveling photographers that want to carry just the right amount of gear either as a backpack or shoulder bag. It has a molle mounting point for the Tech Kit, Lens Filter, Water Bladder, or a Tripod for extra capacity.

Incredible images are everywhere, so there’s top camera access to grab the perfect shot. From a larger DSLR to a drone, and other accessories, our unique, removable, and flexible Slide & Divide System allows for easy interior customization and exceptional protection!

Quick and Easy Access.

The 121 Camera Cube features quick & easy top camera access, allowing you to effortlessly and swiftly get to your camera so that you will never miss your shot.

Just the Right Amount of Gear.

With space for any kind of camera—from a larger DSLR to a Drone, and iPhone with an added lens and other accessories. The 121 Camera Cube safely stores your accessories and is the perfect companion for those travelling light. 

121 Camera Core

An alternative to the Cube, the 121 Camera Core provides heavy-duty protection with its high-density EVA Polyethylene that completely surrounds the bag and is engineered to absorb impact, protecting your precious goods. So strong it’s like you can throw this off a building… but don’t lol.

Sit it inside the 121 Elite Backpack, and when ready to roam, configure the exterior with the Tech Kit, Lens Filter, water bladder, or tripod, and carry it either as a crossbody or backpack. The Core withstands wet and humid temperatures with its Weather Shield System, designed to keep moisture out and prevent permanent damage to camera lenses.

Shock Shield Protection.

Which is a High Density EVA that completely surrounds the bag, with a soft foam inside and natural air bladder dividers. And our Weather Shield System designed to keep moisture out with waterproof zippers, this bag is the ultimate in camera protection.

Unique Divider System.

Our 121 Core comes with a one of a kind divider system that can be instantly removed all at once and replaced just as quickly, making it fully customizable for any situation.

121 Tech Kit.

Tremendous value for such a small bag. Think of this as a general-purpose kit for any type of avid photographer or content creator. It holds all your accessories from a phone, portable LED light, camera cards, lenses, and cords, to other small accessories.

Use the exterior clip to attach it to the Elite, Core, Cube or your waist belt for hands free motion. The Tech Kit is stylish and functional for both men and women, and when clipped to a belt or pants, it allows for quick and easy access to your smaller gear.

121 Filter Bag.

“I want smudgy lens filters” - says no one. To capture that perfect shot, we all need our lenses clean. Waterproof zippers and the fully enclosed case prevent the inside from wet or dusty conditions, while the premium soft inner lining has extra padding to protect from bumps and scratches.

Open the case wide to see and access all filters at once. Store your favorite cleaning cloth in one of the side pockets to be free from smears, dirt, dust, and scratches.

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About Total Horizons


It was on a trip in Arches National Park, where I envisioned the 121 Elite product line.

Like many others with a passion for photography and travel, I struggled to find the perfect bag. So I decided to take my life in a new direction and create my own set of camera bags.

After a lot of time and effort my team and I have put into, we now have the possibility to bring this vision to life with your support. The passion for creating products that make our lives more enjoyable with a series of premium and functional bags, no matter what level of photographer you are, is what drives me.

Life is one beautiful capture and I want to inspire everyone to put their vision to reality.

In the future, I’m determined to help make a difference by donating a portion of the profits to help people struggling with substance abuse. The 121 Elite Series name is dedicated to my late son Jacob, who was born on 1.21.94.To waking up and living, - Jason Turuc


Support our own personal mission against substance abuse

Photo4Change is a collaboration of people willing to make a real difference. With every photo donated, 100% of the proceeds will be use to help people struggling with substance abuse. We donate 100% of all proceeds from Photo4Change. We will also donate a portion of our profit from all our products to The Freedom Model. They focus on breaking the chains of the endless addiction and recovery cycle. They primarily focus on people that have not found success with the traditional model.

We Help Photographers Organize and Protect their Gear, with A Focus of Making A Difference One Camera Bag At A Time.

Protect your gear, with Total Horizons’ incredibly comfortable camera bags.

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